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You should be at least 21 years old to rent a car. You will need an international driving license from the country where you reside. You can pay the rent in cash or with a Master and Visa Card. When paying with a Credit Card, 10% of the total amount will be collected in cash for administration and bank costs. * ALL THE RENTAL PRICES INCLUDE: 8% TAX AND WAM INSURANCE * FOR RENTAL OF 4 DAYS OR LONGER => FREE MILEAGE FOR SEDANS


It’s time to drive

Rental from 7-21 days – 5 % discount - Rental from 21 days-30 days – 7.5 % discount Rental from 30 days or longer – 10 % discount

Special prices for rental of more than 1 vehicle at the same time or longer periods.

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It’s time to drive

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